Tips on how to Sanitize your Makeup & Makeup Brushes

With everything going on in the world right now, everyone is hypersensitive when it comes to spreading germs and cleanliness.  Am I right??

With this in mind, I decided to pass along some of my everyday practices, so you can join in the awareness of being sanitary with your makeup & brushes. No one ever wants anything that is not clean touching their face; this is a fact.

It is possible to practice some of these things on yourself as well. I encourage you to be cleaner with your routines. Skin conditions occur on occasion due to makeup and brushes being dirty and producing bacteria. Your brushes do develop bacteria over time, and washing them once a week minimum is mandatory. Just like daily brushing your teeth is a routine, cleaning your makeup brushes can be part of your routine as well.   If you don’t have a brush shampoo, do not fear you can use dish soap instead.  I suggest dish soap over hand soap simply because dish soap breaks down oil. Your skin has oils that transfer onto your brushes.

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Stay safe, stay clean and stay healthy

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