Summer Makeup: Tips & Tricks with 16 Must Have Products

As a self-acclaimed makeup and skincare lover, I perpetually look forward to the summer months to switch up my routines and bring out that summer lovin’ makeup & skincare.

Summer 2020 is going to be full of colour, natural and bright colours alike. I relish a beautiful, just back from the beach, bronzed glow. Now, since I have been trying multiple products for over a decade as an artist, including skincare, makeup and hair styling products, I believe my recommendations will lead you on the right track for this year’s summer look.

When I think about which products to switch to, accomodating the hot weather, my main focuses typically are SPF, dewy skin, products with staying power, and always and forever, hydration.

You probably have heard me preach about sunscreen, as it ALWAYS is all around an essential step for Every. Single. Person.

Choose A Multi-Purpose Sunscreen

Notably, during the summer months, this should be first on your priority list. But why not find sunscreen to accommodate double or even triple duty to simplify your daily routine? Look for a tinted moisturizer instead that contains sufficient SPF with sheer to medium, radiant coverage for an all in one(Australian Gold Botanical Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted Face – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW) .

Exchange Your Foundation for a Tinted Moisturizer

On that note, this leads me to advise you to switch out your foundation for a tinted moisturizer. The way to go foundation-free during the summer but still have sufficient light to medium coverage. (Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW)

Switch To a Gel Moisturizer Instead Of Cream

When it comes to a moisturizer, if you feel a cream is heavy for summer, which is common, then you will want to explore a shift to a lotion or gel, which will be lighter in texture. A gel provides sufficient moisture without feeling heavy on your skin and is an excellent option for oiler skin types.

(Darphin, Hydraskin Light – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW) I am in love with this moisturizer; Left with a  feeling of supple, plumped and hydrated without the sense of a thick cream sitting on my skin. My skin has never felt silkier.

Another fabulous summertime moisturizer with a gel-like consistency is this new moisturizer from Caudalie-CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW. It leaves you hydrated but not shiny in the afternoon. This one also works to prevent various types of dark spots, which is a bonus on top of the bonus.

Take A Go At Dewy Skin

Summer skin involves all things dewy, and quite frankly, who doesn’t want a glow like Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Anniston? To get the look, use creams over powders and makeup working to boost your complexion. Layering dewy products is a preference of mine. A couple of my dewy favourites that you should immediately add to your arsenal are:

Charlotte Tilbury, Wonder Glow- CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW, is a soft-focus glow primer that hydrates and blurs any imperfections. I’ve used this on multiple skin tones ranging from fair to medium-dark. Wear it under your makeup, mix it in with your tinted moisturizer, or on its own, the result will be an effortless, subtle warm golden radiant glow. Every person I have recommended this to has agreed so far.

OK, I’m about to reveal some gold. For anyone who is in love with oils and radiance, this is a holy grail. This Danessa Myricks Beauty Oil – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW in colour “Blaze” is a golden bronze, guaranteeing you that perfect healthy all over summer glow. Not only is it moisturizing for your skin, but it also melts into your complexion, and will deliver on your desired radiance factor. Keep in mind; it is an oil, apply onto your skin following your moisturizer, but before your tinted moisturizer, unless you are entirely using creams. It most likely will breakdown your powder makeup if applied as the last step.

Try A Bronzer With Subtle Hints of Gold

I am not a huge fan of bronzers containing tons of sparkle in them. However, I love a bronzer with a subtle warm glow, which means hints of copper and gold tones. Using a bronzer to contour and give your skin some dimension is the desired look this summer. I have always admired the powder version of this bronzer(NARS, Laguna – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW), and still do, but this sheer fluid is life. The tone of the powder and liquid alike is spot-on; the perfect balance of gold and copper with no orange tones. If your desire is an all-over bronze, then add a couple of drops to your moisturizer of choice, otherwise, use your fingers or a damp beauty blender to distribute on the areas the sun naturally hits your face.

This high demand bronzer is a staple in endless makeup routines worldwide. The velvety texture is creamy and lightweight but leaves the skin with a natural sun-kissed glow. I apply this bronzer with a damp beauty blender for the most skinlike application. (Chanel, Les Beiges – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW)

Use Creams Instead Of Powders

Who loves a great cream eyeshadow? How about a cream eyeshadow that once dry, sets and stays put for the entire day? (Danessa Myricks, Colorfix – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW) If you have never dipped your fingers into a cream shadow, no better time then the present. They tend to melt into the skin, unlike many heavy shadows that have no place in your summer makeup routine. Whether you’re using a neutral or a more colourful tone, remember to apply to the appropriate area of your eye. Besides, cream shadows are supportive in increasing the longevity of your powder eyeshadow, so if you are using powders with your creams, be sure to apply your cream first and layer your powders on top for a long-lasting finish.


Try Warm Shimmery Tones

I am enjoying this versatile summer-esk Viseart Warm Edit Eyeshadow Mini Palette- CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW. For your application, use the subtle nudes as a base. Any of the medium, darker or brighter shades, can be used as a smokey eyeliner along your lashline. Apply the shimmery shades as a pop of colour on the center of your lid right above your iris and remember to blend, blend, blend.

For a pop of subtle colour on your cheeks, consider colours with peach tones, creating a fresh look that suits pretty much all skin tones when you increase or decrease the intensity of the peach shade. These tones will add to your healthy summer glow and give your cheek dimension.

Go For A Liquid or Balm Highlighter

If you have used a powder highlighter until now, try switching over to a liquid, the consistency allows the product to become one with your skin achieving the most natural highlight. Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Light Wand’s – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW are marvellous. They have a gel-like consistency that enhances your skin’s luminosity for a high-gloss highlight and stays all day.

Another champion for you here, I’m giving away all of my secret weapons. Danessa’s Wet Balm – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW is a lightweight translucent highlighting & hydration balm for an instant “glass skin” fresh glow. The best part, this balm is not sticky and gives the most natural yet powerful highlight.

Keep Your Lips Protected & Hydrated

My classic go-to for summer is a glossy lip. Dior’s Lip Glow – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW Color Awakening Lip Balm is on my list because of its hydrating formula and subtle colour enhancement of my natural lip colour.

You can also quench your lips with a wet wash of colour with this lip oil. Kosas, Wet Lip Oil Gloss – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW glides on for a slick, plump look without feeling sticky. Infused with peptides, hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil, avocado oil and shea butter. Can someone say moisturizing?!

Try A Setting Spray For Extra Staying Power

Finishing off your makeup look with a setting spray is always encouraged during the warmer months. I recommend Caudalie Beauty Elixer – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW. Trust me when I say you will thank me for this find, it is a cult favourite. Made with 100% natural origin ingredients, it tones, preps, and sets your makeup all while promoting a gorgeous glow. Its aromatic fragrance also soothes the mind and senses.  If scents bother you, then this may not be the right setting spray for you, although when I have sprayed this on the most sensitive of people, they have loved it!

Use A Lip Scrub Before Using Bright Lip Colors

On your lips, when wearing a bright colour, ensure your lips are not dry, chapped, and always use a lip liner to define your lip lines. If they are chapped, then exfoliate them with a lip scrub (Bite Beauty, Agave Lip Scrub – CLICK HERE to SHOP NOW) or gently with a damp towel before application.

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