How to Perfect your Winged Liner

Do you ever wonder why your eyeliner doesn’t look as perfect as many photos out there? And you ask, “What am I doing wrong?” I’ve got your fix.

There is a way to fix your technique;  This tutorial goes into depth on the in’s and out’s of perfect winged liner.


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Let’s be real, winged eyeliner is an incredibly trendy look and is a lot easier to achieve then most would think.  But before you go about perfecting your winged eyeliner, the first thing you must understand is your eye shape, and everything from this point onward will become more comfortable for you.  You will now be in a position to choose the best eyeliner technique for you. Take a look at this:

The best way to identify your eye shape in its entirety is to relax your face and look straight on into a mirror.  This picture can assist you in figuring it out.

If you look at your face straight on and cannot visually see your eyelid, chances are your eyes are hooded. Most of the demos that I have seen and examples of winged liner out there are not with a model who has a hooded eye, but do not fear; it is not difficult for you to master. Focus on your outer wingtip, and place it where the lid’s hood begins.  Now work your way inward, slow and steady will win the race. Start thinner and thicken as you feel comfortable.  

If the outer corner of your eye turns downward, then you have a descending eye shape or a downturned eye.  Your goal is to have your eye appear lifted instead.  Your focus will be on extending your wing upward toward your crease, using the outer corner of your eyebrow as a guide and be sure not to continue any further.


Now, if you feel your eyes are close-set, meaning you cannot fit one equal size imaginary eye in between your two eyes.  Your goal is to pull your eyes outward with your eyeliner.  Extend your flick following your lower lash line and continue to the center of your eye, blending that inner edge.  Do not pass the middle of your eye, though, or you will make your eyes look even closer set.  Once the bottom liner is complete, then work on your top lid flick and carry a thin line inward.

If you have little or no crease to your eye, you likely have a monolid and, a thin winged eyeliner would be ideal.  Try using a waterproof liquid or gel liner to achieve this look and ensure the longevity of your eyeliner.  Since your spacing is limited with a monolid, your goal is to maximize it with a straighter and thin line. Smaller strokes would assist in achieving the crisp edge.  

Now, if you can see around your full iris when looking straight on, then chances are you fall into the round eye category.  Target your eyeliner on the outer corner of your eye, and stopping it midway is your go-to.  Start from the outside edge using an angled brush with a gel liner, and draw upward extending your lower lash line, and carry that line to your mid eye drawing it thinner as you approach the middle of your iris, blending those inner corners.

Having an almond eye shape means your eyes are oval-shaped with narrow corners.  You have lots of lid space to work with so, why not take advantage of it all.  You can afford to have a dramatic eyeliner if desired.  Extend your eyeliner from the outer corner of your lower lashline outward to get the perfect angle and extend it as far as you would like to extend your eye effect, being dramatic or more natural.  If you stop at the mid eye, then you will encourage the effect of pulling your eye outward.  

Regardless of your eye shape, the best-winged eyeliner looks are when you begin at your lower lashline and first establish your flick following the natural outline of your eye.  Does this make blogpost make your approach to winged eyeliner more comfortable? Try this: Take a picture right now of yourself with winged liner and then practice your winged liner look every day for a week and then take another picture, can you see a difference? 

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