How to Contour & Shade like a Pro!

Contouring is the one topic everyone questions, so here we get down and dirty, and I share how to shade your contour like a pro!

This tutorial is perfect for beginners or moderate makeup wearers who kind of have an idea but are still not 100% confident with their approach. The fun thing is the choice is yours; you can take a more natural or a more robust shading approach. These are the basics to get you where you want to go!

First off is understanding why people contour their face, period. Usually, they have a feature that they are not fond of and want to manipulate the appearance of it with some shading. The act of shading results in receding what you feel is prominent. An example is someone who has a square face shape who would like to soften their jawline to appear more oval.

This face chart is a tool to help identify your face shape to understand your shading areas.

Once you identify your face shape, use this as a guide of those areas you do want to recede with shading. We are also going to get into highlighting the areas of your face you want to bring forward and “highlight.” Keep an eye out for that reveal.

As always, this is your safe space to ask any questions, and I will have answers for you. Stay safe; stay clean until we meet again.

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