How To – Apply False Lashes

Applying false lashes is a challenge for so many people, enough so that they avoid the process altogether, or give up trying!  Am I right?! So I decided to post these step-by-step directions to explain how you can successfully apply lashes on yourself; Let’s dive right in! Although I am not an avid false lashes wearer, I can share a tip or two to help make the application easier for you!

Tip #1 – BE PATIENT with yourself!

When learning anything new, you have to allow yourself time to practice. I realize this could be intimidating, but it is doable, and with practice, you will become a pro in no time!

Tip #2Avoid applying your lashes looking in the mirror straight on

If this sounds familiar, the whole process can be slightly more challenging. Allow yourself enough room to work and lift your chin slightly, which will allow for more eyelid space. Also, not being as stressful for your eyes since they won’t be able to see any foreign objects coming straight for them!

Tip #3 Determine whether you have close-set or wide-set eyes

To understand what type of lashes would accentuate your eye shape in the most flattering way. To figure this out, measure the space you have between your eyes. If one of your eyes of equal size can fit in between your two eyes, you are in good shape and should focus on lashes towards the outer corners for lift. The same applies to someone who cannot fit their imaginary eye in between both of their eyes because this means your eyes are close-set. The illusion of pulling your eyes outward is best.  Lastly, if you have more then enough room after imagining your exact eye in between your two eyes, then you will want to focus your lengthier false lashes in the middle of your eye over your iris.

Tip #4Choose the right lashes for your eye shape

Almond eye shape – Are the one size fits all in the lashes world, as every type of lashes will suit your eyes.
Deep-set eyes – You’re looking for lashes, which are longer at the center of the lashes, where your iris would be.
Downturned eyes – Your go to will be shorter lashes that are longer at the outer corner of your eye for the illusion of lifting your eye.
Hooded eyes – Your go-to would be shorter length lashes all around.
Prominent eyes – Your goal is to balance your upper and lower lashes to give the illusion that you are pushing back your eyes.

A helpful tool to invest in that I cannot go without is a magnified mirror.  I use this mirror daily to apply makeup and get up close and personal with my face; it’s all about perfecting your art!

Tip #5 Measure your strip lashes to your actual eyes

The first thing you want to do is measure the lashes you have purchased to your real eye. What this means is laying them on top of your lashes without glue, which will allow you to see if you need to trim your lashes to fit your eye perfectly, like a pair of shoes, everyone’s eyes come in many different sizes! Now, to help figure out which false lash goes on which eye you can place the pack in front of you, knowing the lengthier lashes of the false lashes are on the outer corner of the eye. Now, keep in mind not to glue the false lash extremely close to your inner eye because they could irritate it. The lashes should start where the bulk of your lashes begin. And they should end 2-4 lashes inward of the outer corner of your eye. If they go beyond that, they can pull your eye down and make your eyes look droopy.

Tip #6Trim your falsies

If you do have to trim your lashes, do not fear; use a pair of manicure scissors and trim from the outer (the opposite side that is closest to your nose) part of the lashes. Also do not cut through your lashes, cut them at the vein.

Tip #7 – Keep your lashes in good form

To do this, wrap each lash around your finger or your powder makeup brush handle.

Tip #8Use a suitable eyelash adhesive

My go-to, Duo Eyelash Adhesive,  is used to apply a thin line of glue along the vein on your false lashes.
IMPORTANT – After you apply a thin line of eyelash adhesive along the vein of your false lashes,  wait 10 seconds for the glue to become tacky (halfway dry) before applying to help the lashes to stick and stay. Make sure the outer corners of the vein have the right amount of adhesive to ensure they do not pop up throughout the day.

Tip #9 –  Place the false lash just above your lashes

The main goal is to stick the lashes as close to your actual lash line as possible. Some achieve this with the help of slant tweezers, or most false eyelashes come with a tool to assist with application in pressing the false lashes into your own. When the eyelash adhesive is tacky on your falsies, apply to your eyelid from the outer edge inward to ensure you achieve that flare at the outer edge of your lashes that we all desire! Hold for a few minutes and add a bit of pressure to the outer and inner points of your eye. Remember to glance in the mirror straight on to ensure the lashes are touching your lashes.

 Tips #10 – DO NOT close your eyes

Do not risk gluing your eyelids together. Honestly, not a fun experience. Continue to look down until you know the adhesive is completely dry.

Tip #11Apply a thin coat of mascara

Finally, once the adhesive is dry, helping your lashes become one with the falsies is your goal. You can achieve this with your fingers using your assistant tool. One thing that will help you is to apply a coat of mascara, yes you heard me, this will attach YOUR lashes to your false lashes to appear as one and look as real as possible.

Tip #12Give your new lashes extra lift

If you want to create more of a lift, gently push the lashes at the edge of the inner lash line.

Something to consider, if a full lash strip is not your jam, then there are individual lashes that you can apply in the areas you desire them most. Just figure out what your eye shape is and what points to hit and your golden!

Your final step is, ENJOY!

You have done it! Now repeat on the other eye and remember, they don’t have to be identical twins but twins all the same.

If you have any questions about these tips, leave a comment, and I will be happy to clarify for you.

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