Easy Fall Essential Makeup Tutorial

Are you ready for the cooler weather that is embarking upon us? I know I’m not, but the silver lining is it is always nice to change makeup trends with the season. So I thought I would get you ready for fall with this classic look.

Step 1 – Start off with your favourite liquid liner to achieve that perfect wing. I like to apply liner first without any other products on my eyes. When applying eyeliner, be careful when applying moisturizer under your eye and avoid applying close to your liner placement to ensure it will stay put and not smudge throughout the day. Take your time with it.

Step 2 – Use your blush as your eyelid colour, in a warm bronze colour. Apply across your entire eye socket, followed by pressing a brighter shiny pigment right above your iris. Adding some depth on the outside corners of your eye with a deeper bronze.

TIP Always remember you can use powder blushes as eyeshadows to tie your entire look together.

Step 3 – Apply concealer where needed; under your eyes or to cover any pigment issues, including acne.

Step 4 – Press in your favourite translucent powder, only in areas you tend to get oily.

Step 5 – Going for a strong contour/blush application with this look. Blend in your contour colour below your cheekbone using a smaller brush to allow you to be more precise.

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Step 6 – Add some bronzer where the sun would hit your face for some warmth on your forehead, cheeks and nose.

Step 7 – Extend your lashes with mascara to add volume and length to allow them to pop.

Step 8 – Brush your brows out and fill in any gaps that affect the shape you would like to achieve. Always brush the product through repeatedly to distribute your product and soften edges for a natural look.

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Step 9 – To add to your cheek colour, apply the same blush colour used as the eyelid base colour.

Step 10 – Add a warm bronze eyeliner to your eye-lines outer corner, taking it to mid-eye. Follow by filling in your waterline with a black waterproof eyeliner that extends your lashes’ look and adds more depth to your eyes.

Step 11 – On your lips, we are going in with a classic red, perfect for all seasons. Using a red lip liner is vital with red lipstick because you want your lip shape to be clean & flawless. Line your lips with your favourite red lip liner bringing the colour onto your inner lip. Follow up with your red lipstick.

TIP If you make a mistake with your lip liner, don’t fear you can always use a flat brush with a bit of concealer to clean that lip line.

Step 12 – Lastly, finish off with a highlight on your upper cheek. To add some more glow, which is never out of fashion.

This is a classic look that is suited for all seasons.


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