Beauty Trends 2021 You Absolutely Need To Focus On

2021 is here, and we are all eager for a do-over! 2021 will be a year filled with embracing yourself with all beauty trends alike.

Although 2020 focused on self-care, I sense 2021 will be an amplified version of these beauty trends. With salons closed everywhere, we had no choice but to become our own hairstylists, estheticians, colorists and dermatologists overnight. 

With many lousy box dyes and even more DIY face masks, we persevered, learned to adapt to become an at-home beauty culture.  So by now, you’ve mastered root touch-ups, brow grooming, lymphatic drainage massages, along with the vast importance of self-care and coming out of this more robust than ever.

Here I bring you the roundup of all the beauty trends, in one place, you should expect to discover in 2021:


Brands that are sharing ingredient transparency are gaining popularity across the board. With all the stressful circumstances in life, one thing we have full control of is what we apply to our skin. The most important beauty and wellness trend will be the increasing desire to know what ingredients companies are putting into products and customers onto their bodies. With clean products in high demand, companies are steering towards environmentally conscious and more sustainable formulas.



You don’t have the drive to put on your full face of makeup, and I don’t blame you – you’re at home on Zoom calls.  The struggle is real!

Say goodbye to your full coverage foundations and unpack your lighter formulas that make your skin look like skin, but better! Your skincare is now a priority.  Up your skincare game, so your skin glows to its full potential, and if you do need a bit more coverage, then what a lighter foundation/tinted moisturizer can offer, then stipple your concealer in those areas, and you will be golden.


Face coverings are a norm worldwide, so we have to figure out how to keep our skin blissful while wearing them daily.  Try using face sprays that soothe the skin and apply a zinc oxide to create a barrier between your skin and your mask.  There are many steps you can take to help your beat your MASKNE, read my Protect Your Skin From Your Mask post for more info.



As long as face masks are prominent, beauty fans will adapt by pulling out all the stops with their eye makeup. We are being forced to use our eyes to show emotion and communicate with our own unique flare calls for a bright and graphic eyeliner of all colours. 



It might just be time to master this playful technique, if you haven’t already. Bright & pastel colours alike or be daring experimenting with chromatic eyeshadows will be the new expression for 2021. Purples and blues will be in high demand this year. Imagine 80s fun! Simply keep the focus on one feature and everything else toned down.



Bring forward your boy brow in 2021. Now that we have all had the chance to grow them in 2020.  Imagine feathery, full brows that are not completely solid. Highlight an arch in your brow instead of straight across. If you still would like to master your eyebrow game, read my post 10 Tips To Help You Get The Best Shaped Brows . I also included a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process.



Cutting off those dead ends comes with saying goodbye to 2020.  Blunt bobs and textured shag layers with Bardot bangs will be all the craze and go-to cuts this year! Chop Chop!


No time is better than the present to determine if claims of long-wear and lip stains work.  Most people avoid stains because they are, typically, drying; if you are wearing a stain for a flash of colour on your zoom call, hydrate your lips with an eye cream instead of a lip balm to reap the benefit of hydration, this will make sure your long-wear lipstick doesn’t shift.



This technique is a dream that comes true for those who hold makeup simplicity close to their heart. Using one product to apply to several areas of our face will be widespread in 2021. On this note, cosmetics manufactured with balm encouraging healthy skin and marrying skincare and makeup will be celebrated.



Embezelled bobby pins & hair clamps will spruce up any simplified approach to everyday styling, which is going nowhere fast.  Expect to see these relaxed styles, accentuated with the most fabulous accessories. If you are searching for a unique yet beautiful way to step up your hair game, you have to look at the accessories with the Toronto brand, “Hair Is Fashion”. Classy and Chic accessories to elevate every hair style. I love how unique each piece is and the care that has gone into every design.

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