Beach Waves 101

Nothing is better than achieving a perfect beach wave! I filmed a tutorial to demonstrate one of the techniques I frequently practice when creating beach waves on myself and others and is a step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

When people typically request beach waves, they are referring to soft waves with straighter ends.  While there are many ways to achieve this look using a curling iron, wand or flat iron, finding one that works best for you and your hair type is the most important factor.

Beach waves are flattering for women of all ages and all hair lengths.  There are countless ways to achieve beach waves with no heat or by using a flat iron, curling iron or wand, one is not easier than the other and practice makes perfect.  One key element is using the most beneficial products to help with your cause.  Some product options to give your hair texture are essential, which would include: sea salt spray, texture spray, mousses, and even pomades.

One tip that will rock your world with the process of creating beach waves and curls alike is this: the thicker the section of hair you want to curl the looser, the coil will be.  If your goal is more definition than smaller sections are for you.  You can use a smaller barrel curling iron to create beach waves, while grabbing thicker sections to curl with a result of some tighter and looser waves – simply because the hair on the outside of the curling iron will take a larger shape.

Tips to rock outstanding Beach Waves

  • When you are curling your 2″ section, remember to alternate the direction of each curl.  Curling, in the same direction, will result in your curls joining throughout the day. Separation and texture is vital.
  • When you are curling your hair, remember each 2″ section doesn’t have to be perfect, being imperfectly perfect is the stem to the success of any beach wave. 
  • Do not curl the ends of your hair.
  • Once you curl your entire head, allow them to set and cool before moving a brush, comb, or your fingers through them.
  • Separate your waves with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers.


If you have any questions, please comment below.  If you know someone who would learn from this, share it.  Thank you so much for watching! Byeeeee!

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