A Natural Makeup Look in 5 minutes or less

Hi friends,   I am keeping it simple for my natural makeup lovers out there. Remember to alter this look to suit your individual style if need be 💜 and always, ALWAYS have fun with it!

Explore this natural makeup look and comment to let me know how it goes. Is this a look that you would want to experiment with? Does it offer the simplicity you’re looking for?

Part of artistry is accentuating everyone’s individual beauty and I feel that if you embrace who you are and accentuate what you have then it is a look everyone can achieve and work toward. It is just discovering what those qualities are in yourself.

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Another example of inspirational natural makeup.

Embrace who you are and accent those beautiful qualities that only you have. Trust me, it is not always easy to find your comfort zone and embrace everything you have, but you are a gift. You have to show the world!


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