Soft Smokey Brown Eyeshadow Tutorial

A soft brown toned smokey eye is always current and loved by celebrities alike. It is seen on fashion runways and brides worldwide. A soft smokey brown eye is so versatile, if you haven’t added this to your makeup routine, now is the time.

With any colour of smokey eyeshadow creation, there is a fine line in making a trendy smokey eye work or instead of looking like you have a black eye. The key?? Lots and lots of blending!

In saying this, do you know how to create a smokey eye to compliment your eye shape?? My advice, there is no time better than the present, take a bit of time and experiment! Makeup washes off, so have fun with it!!

Here are some tips to make applying comfortable for you:

  • First things first, always keep the darkest point of your eye along your lash line. Keeping your makeup look modern and fresh and draw the most attention to your beautiful eyes instead of what is around them.
  • Keep it simple, sticking to three shadow colours to create your ideal smokey look.
  • Blending is critical with all styles of makeup, but especially a sultry smokey eyeshadow look. Regardless of how dark you decide to go, having the proper brushes coupled with how you blend out your liner and shadow will make or break every smokey eye.

Makeup Used in this Tutorial

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